Production Assistance

The PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE SERVICE, in the manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical sectors guarantees a capable and flexible team which allows to contract-out part or whole of the production cycle, adapting to the Client/Partner’s needs.

We offer tailor-made services and our fully, up to date trained team allows us to reduce the production costs.


In the MANUAL and END OF LINE INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING we guarantee quality and efficiency thanks to the rapid planning and management of the service team and to our flexibility which allows us to adapt to the specific needs of the moment and to the type of packaging requested.

Our highly trained operators have the know-how and the necessary trustworthiness to carry out the service of SELECTION. We thus support the Client/Partner in a delicate production phase, permitting punctual and detailed control.

Our operators are trained in order to assist the Client/Partner in the manual and digital ARCHIVING of documents, adapting to all methods of work.

We guarantee the strictest confidentiality in dealing with sensitive data.