General Maintenance

In order to satisfy all the needs of our Client/Partner, our GENERAL MAINTENANCE SERVICE is adept in maintaining order and efficiency in all kinds of environments. We guarantee flexibility and promptness thanks to working in co-operation with the sectors involved to offer a complete and unobtrusive service.

We carry out ordinary GENERAL MAINTENANCE activities which also include wall repairs, plumbing, electrical and clearance. Our team pays attention to the needs and timings required by the Partner/Client and is able to satisfy all demands which fall into this category.

We guarantee a speedy and high quality service by respecting the cogent norms also in cases of emergencies and urgencies thanks to our Integrated System for Quality, Environment and Safety at Work.

We offer a PAINTING service for indoor areas and work around the specific working hours of the Client/Partner.

Our tailor-made service allows to optimize timings in order to minimize loss of working hours in the Company while guaranteeing precise and rapid results thanks to the working collaboration between the painting service and the CLEANING service.

We offer a MAINTENANCE OF GREEN SPACES service which includes bush trimming, grass and hedge cutting, tree pruning and foliage clearing. We make use of the appropriate equipment in order to obtain the best results, always conforming to the cogent norms and in respect of our Integrated System for Quality, Environment and Safety at Work.