Flooring Treatments Category

Our FLOORING TREATMENT SERVICE takes care of public and industrial floorings with a vast range of types of treatments and products.
The service is completely tailor-made to adapt to the Client/Partner’s needs.

Public floorings

We carry out treatments in terracotta with a blend of resin and wax which have a stain-proof action and oil-repellent treatments for marble, granite and stoneware with a crystallisation procedure.

Industrial Floorings

We offer dust-proof treatments for cement floorings which helps its preservation and makes it water-resistant and improves the superficial resistance. Furthermore, we offer fluid coloured resin treatments which create decorative effects, even multilayered ones, for industrial and commercial floorings. Our team is also trained in the preparation of self-levelling cements in resin, thin screeds without reinforced netting, non-slip treatments and horizontal industrial signposting.